NEC Group revamps flex scheme

NEC Group has switched providers for its flexible benefits scheme, has moved from a paper-based to online plan and extended the scheme to all employees.

The group, which operates four entertainment venues in Birmingham, went live with its online flex portal, now provided by Staffcare, in August, with staff selections taking effect from 1 September. The plan was previously provided by Vebnet.

Following a review of its three-year-old scheme, the firm wanted to enhance employees’ experience, increase the appeal of the perks, and streamline its management and administration. As a result it added the ability to buy additional holiday to the plan.

NEC also extended flex to cover all 1,000 staff, including those who do not have contracted minimum hours. Julie McHugh, HR service centre manager, said: “It enabled us to include over 100 zero-hours staff who could not participate. Also, it offered powerful administration and reporting tools, reducing costs.”

NEC communicated the scheme using a weekly prize draw and a digital desktop application counting down to flex.

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