Employee Benefits Live: Using reward to ensure employee engagement

Employee engagement is a vital component in motivating staff and enhancing productivity and performance. Using reward to engage employees is a major issue for benefits professionals, and developing an effective strategy is essential to ensure success.

This year, speakers at Employee Benefits Live will discuss how to get the right balance between performance and reward, and how communication and benefits can be used as part of a wider employee engagement strategy.

Speaking about how to develop a framework for evaluating the effectiveness of employee engagement strategies, Professor Katie Truss from Kingston University says: “Most organisations want to have a highly engaged workforce, but it can be difficult to know the key drivers, and how to implement them effectively. Our research with 10 leading organisations looked into the black box of how and why engagement works. Some of our results are surprising, not least the fact it is possible for people to be too engaged.”

  • All sessions are free, but need to be booked in advance online.

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