Thomsons Online Benefits launches new benefits service

Thomsons Online Benefits has added a new service to its employee benefits software platform.

The addition, Darwin Dashboard 2.0, provides a visual and statistical breakdown of each element of an organisation’s benefits package, including how many staff logged on in the last month, have taken up childcare vouchers or have added money to their pension.

Over 50 standard charts are available, including benefits spend, benefit eligibility, and employer national insurance savings. The analysis can be compared over time and broken down by gender, age groups, salary band, length of service, and office location.

Charts can be viewed online, saved, printed, or copied to the clipboard to add to other documents.

Scott Heyhoe, product director at Thomsons Online Benefits, said: “We asked HR directors what are the strategic decisions about their benefits offerings that keep them awake at night? What they told us was many of those questions could be answered by rapid and clear access to management information.

“This latest addition to the Darwin platform is built on direct feedback from [employers] and helps them to answer the questions they are frequently asked by their board/senior management teams. It gives them all the ammunition they need to prove the return-on-investment for their reward spend, and to hone their future strategy.”

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