Sodexo’s health and wellbeing programme celebrates 25 years

Sodexo staff are celebrating 25 years of ‘Healthwise’, the organisation’s health and wellbeing programme.

The celebration, held on the HMS Belfast, hosted over 60 guests including Dr Dorian Dugmore, director of wellness international and wellness coach at Adidas UK, who presented a keynote address on the impact of health and wellness on the UK, and Matt Dawson, Sodexo ambassador and former England rugby international, who discussed changes in food habits over the last 25 years.

Since it was introduced in 1985, ‘Healthwise’ has been continually developed and updated in order to embrace the latest approaches to nutrition, wellbeing and lifestyle.

Aidan Connolly, chief executive of Sodexo UK and Ireland, said: “We are very proud of our extensive work in the health and wellbeing arena over the years.

“As a company, we have been looking at ways in which to tackle such issues long before it became popular to do so.

“Tackling poor nutrition, obesity and health and wellbeing is as high on the social and political agenda as ever before. We are placing an increased emphasis on working in partnership with clients to further integrate ‘Healthwise’ initiatives into their locations and expect to announce many more shortly.”

Dawson added: “It is pretty impressive for a company to have introduced a deeply embedded health and wellbeing philosophy in their business before most people were even thinking about it.

“As a sportsman, I had access to nutritional information and educational tools at my fingertips and, as a result, I was able to make informed choices about what I consumed.

“The ‘Healthwise’ philosophy acts as that tool for the wider public, extending a fuller understanding of health and well-being issues to an incredibly diverse audience.”

Dugmore said: “Sodexo is to be congratulated for really focusing on ‘upstream medicine’, preventing disease and promoting wellbeing. As a company, through ‘Healthwise’, Sodexo is really leading the way in corporate wellness.”

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