Lloydspharmacy launches discounted flu vaccination service

Lloydspharmacy has launched a discounted flu vaccination service for employers to help lessen the impact on staff productivity.

The pharmacy chain is providing employers with 10% discount vouchers that staff can redeem on flu vaccinations in over 200 pharmacies nationwide.

Flu can cause three to five sick days for each person affected, and Lloydspharmacy is calling for business leaders to be the first in line to be vaccinated to set an example to staff.

Fiona Morgan, Lloydspharmacy’s operations and change director, said: “The best way to reduce the spread of flu is for people to be vaccinated before the winter flu season begins.

“This is why we are urging chief executive officers (CEOs) and managing directors to lead the way in getting vaccinated, and in the interest of both the health of their employees and their business, encouraging their staff to do the same.

“As a large company operating over 1,650 pharmacies nationwide, we are well aware of the impact that flu can have on business operations due to staff illness.

“In addition, within this difficult economic climate, an outbreak of flu has the potential to make an even greater impact on productivity as companies experience ever increasing operational pressures.

“Preventative measures can be taken to mitigate the spread of flu and we will be taking the lead in offering our own employees the opportunity to be vaccinated.”

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