Lloyds TSB Autolease launches tool to check on mileage

Lloyds TSB Autolease has launched a mileage capture tool to help employers offering an employee car ownership scheme control fuel, maintenance and taxation costs. Mileage Logger gives drivers remote access to an online portal where they can record their business mileage, fuel costs and details such as whether they shared the journey with a colleague. It then calculates the journey cost, so drivers can be reimbursed accurately.

Phil Gregory of the firm’s Balance consultancy team, said: “By logging actual mileage expenses, the correct reimbursement is achieved based on actual fuel cost and the business can also claim correct approved mileage allowance payment rates.”

Employers can also use the data collected to manage their fleets, allowing them to monitor journeys and see the most cost-effective options. It can also help manage duty-of-care requirements.