Humberside Police to extend bonus scheme

Humberside Police is looking to extend its bonus scheme and raise staff understanding of perks.

The force is taking steps to widen its bonus plan to include office-based staff and recognise contributions that save it money or enhance police work in the community. Under the current scheme, bonuses are mainly awarded to staff who show outstanding acts of bravery and have had to tackle difficult situations at work.

John Robinson, senior HR manager (strategy and projects), said: “We should reward the brave, but in terms of someone doing an outstandingly demanding job, it might be someone that sits in a back office that has an impact on a community or on a business case for the organisation, saving money or improving our face-to-face contact with members of the public.”

The force is also keen to promote its benefits, which include shift allowances, extra pay for working anti-social hours and an extra day of leave for not being absent during the year. It is considering using a benefits booklet and a dedicated site on the staff intranet to achieve this.

A consultation on both plans will be carried out with key stakeholders, such as employees, union representatives, senior management staff and members of the Police Association.