Case Study: Computacenter

Honesty is the best policy for Computacenter

Computacenter is reviewing its benefits package with the aim of helping staff until better times arrive.

Barry Hoffman, director of human resources, says: “In the current climate, staff value job security more than gimmicky perks. We are undertaking a review of all our benefits, working with providers, our employee forum and staff focus groups to better understand the mix of relevant benefits.

“For example, we need to know whether insurances or clean cash will be more important to the various parts of our workforce.” In a slump, non-financial rewards are important, says Hoffman. “We work with managers to ensure the softer rewards are not forgotten. Praise, recognition and honest communication all need to be emphasised even more when the perks and rewards are not as forthcoming as in the good times.” The secret to keeping staff engaged is honesty, says Hoffman. “Even if they cannot offer benefits now, employers should tell people what they are working on and what they hope to do when recovery comes for their business.

“It is crucial to be honest and not make promises that cannot be kept.”