Royal Mail could offer share plan for staff

The introduction of an employee share plan for Royal Mail is a realistic possibility, according to MPs speaking at the ifsProShare conference yesterday.

Greg Hands, shadow treasury spokesman for the Conservatives said introducing some form of all-employee share plan for workers at Royal Mail would be “actively examined” by the party.

Furthermore, Lord Newby, the Liberal Democrats Treasury spokesman in the Lords, stated that given the current status of workforce relations at Royal Mail, some form of employee share plan was “essential”.

Phil Hall, public affairs adviser to ifsProShare, said: “When the last attempt was made to introduce some form of share plan at Royal Mail there was considerable ignorance about what this actually meant, with some politicians believing an employee share plan amounted to back door privatisation. Obviously this was not the case at all.

“Implemented correctly, employee share ownership at Royal Mail could help improve productivity, improve workplace relations and provide a useful savings mechanism for many thousands of workers.”