Yell launches structured long-service programme

Yell has introduced a structured long-service awards programme that uses experience days and gifts to reward staff, in a consistant manner, for their loyalty to the company.

Employees will be entitled to receive gifts and experiences at the end of each five-year period they have worked for the company, up to a maximum of 25 years.

Previously, employees who had been with the telephone directories business for ten and 15 years were taken out for lunch, while longer-serving employees were rewarded at the discretion of their departmental manager. Philipa Butters, communications manager at Yell, says: “Some managers were good at [rewarding long-serving staff] and some people were less good. It was a bit erratic.”

Under the new scheme, employees will be given personalised packs, containing a card pre-loaded with a set number of points, the value of which will depend on how long they have been with the firm. They can then redeem these points against a choice of rewards that range from skydiving to rally car racing.

Nicola Sullivan