White & Case holds child first aid talk for staff

White & Case is holding a paediatric medical information talk for parents to increase the understanding of existing health benefits and services available at the law firm.

The event, hosted by a doctor from General Medical, which provides some of firm’s health benefits, will be held at White & Case’s London office this month.

During the one-hour session, which will focus on paediatric first aid, parents will be given advice on how to handle medical emergencies, as well as dealing with routine illnesses.

Information will be provided about the firm’s health benefits, such as private medical insurance. Employees will also be given the chance to ask questions and to become involved in practical first aid demonstrations.

Kate Coulson, senior HR manager at White & Case, explained: “Dealing with any first aid emergency issue with children can cause parents great concern and we hope that our employees find this a useful and reassuring seminar.”

There are plans to hold further information sessions to address a range of different health and wellbeing topics.