Details of Tesco perk leaked

Tesco employees are encouraging people outside the organisation to take advantage of Tesco’s staff-only summer offers for visits to theme parks, even though the public are not entitled to do so.

Internet postings from some of the retailer’s employees appeared on in July, explaining how the general public could receive discounts designed solely for Tesco staff.

Staff, who received details of the discounts for Chessington World of Adventures, Thorpe Park and Alton Towers in a leaflet that was sent out with their payslips, have provided the telephone number needed to claim the discount, highlighting that all callers need to do is quote “Tesco”.

But a Tesco spokesman said that the system is unlikely to be open to abuse because people would have to provide an employee number to claim the discount.

“We have over 280,000 members of staff in the UK and this is a great staff offer for the summer holidays, especially as purse strings are tightening in the current economic climate. To take advantage of the 75% discount, our staff are required to supply their employee number. It would be very disappointing if people attempted to abuse this great promotion and we are happy that it is secure.”