Case study: Triodos Bank

As befits a self-styled ‘ethical bank’, Triodos Bank’s employees drive environmentally-friendly hybrid cars.

Trey Sanders, an HR adviser for the Dutch-owned company, says: “Our small fleet is made up of hybrid cars and we promote alternative ways to get to work. Only eight people [out of 84 UK staff] have company cars. They are provided because of the need of a particular role rather than a grade.” Triodos also offers a raft of schemes designed to get staff out of their cars. “Many workers use public transport or bicycles. We encourage car sharing and have a cycle-to-work scheme,” says Sanders.

Of the firm’s employees, 10 joined the cycle-to-work scheme last year.

The company’s also measures its ethical credentials in its annual report. “We monitor how people get to and from work in our annual accounts, measuring our environmental performance as well as our financial one,” Sanders adds.