Wragge & Co reviews employee assistance programme

Wragge & Co is reviewing its employee assistance programme (EAP) after a period of five years with the same provider. Three firms, including the existing provider, will pitch for the contract, which is due for renewal this month.

Amanda Pridmore-Wood, benefits and travel manager at the law firm, which has 1,184 employees, said the review is “long overdue” and that it is the first time that the existing provider will have been reassessed. The review will focus on attaining the best value for money, as well as improving promotional material.

Pridmore-Wood said: “It [the EAP] needs to be promoted well and that’s something we haven’t done. It’s a confidential service that can help people in problematic situations, such as getting financial advice during these tricky times.”

Once the review has been completed, the law firm expects to communicate the EAP via its monthly newsletter and themed poster campaigns in the offices, highlighting the instances in which EAPs can be used.