United Biscuits gives employees the chance to trial green vehicles

United Biscuits has given its drivers the chance to try out green vehicles in a bid to raise their awareness of fuel-efficient vehicles.

The manufacturer of biscuits, including McVitie’s, has loaned vehicles with low CO2 emissions to staff over a two-week period through Lloyds TSB Autolease’s Green Trial Fleet service.

The aim of the trial is to raise awareness of fuel efficient high-end models of car available on the market and to help employees to make better informed choices about what cars they drive for work.

United Biscuits, which operates a fairly open vehicle selection policy, has selected a fleet of 11 vehicles, including a Toyota Prius, a Ford Focus Econetic and three low emission BMW models. Vehicles, such as the Prius, that utilise hybrid technology and fuel efficient diesel cars have proved to be the most popular with staff.

Bob Brightwell, head of corporate communication, United Biscuits, said: “As a company we are working hard to improve our environmentally sustainability and we also want to encourage our staff to think about how they can improve their environmental impact. Lloyds TSB Autolease’s Green Trial Fleet helped us demonstrate the benefits of more fuel efficient vehicles to our drivers.”