Simply Health extends Weight Watchers programme for staff

Simply Health has extended its Weight Watchers programme from six to 12 weeks after splitting the cost of sessions with employees.

The company first introduced an employer-funded six Weight Watcher’s programmes in April but now has more than 30 employees taking part in a 12-week dietary advice programme after they agreed to pay half of the cost.

Employees at Simply Health attend the classes and take part in the infamous weigh-ins once a week during their lunch break. Classes are held at the head offices of its HSA subsidiary in Andover and members of the club are currently working towards a collective Christmas target of a loss of 30 stone. A bauble will lit up on the office Christmas tree for every pound of weight lost.

Chrissy Phillips, operations manager, at HSA said: “Employees [said they] felt more committed if they paid more into it and they were more likely to come [to the offices] if they had paid more money into it.”