Case study: Whitbread reduces fuel consumption

The fleet has 900 cars and 50 light vehicles, and underwent a fleet review in 1999. Little data was available, as mileage was only monitored through the expenses system.†

Whitbread decided to reduce fuel consumption using its car choice list, mileage reimbursement rates and ways of working.

The car policy is based on a monthly car allowance. Its choice list is priced monthly and the driver can trade up or down, or just spend their allowance. The company altered the system to include a target miles-per-gallon (mpg) to 40. For every mpg higher than 40 they received an extra £2 a month for their allowance, and for every mpg less they would have £2 deducted.

Fuel reimbursement was also altered to accurately reflect the cost of fuel, and a rate developed to encourage fuel-efficient driving.

The company also introduced field working – including hot desking – across multiple sites. The results show the company is saving over £200,000 a year.