Nationwide adds carbon offsetting perk to flexible benefits plan

Nationwide is launching a carbon offsetting scheme that will enable employees to pay part of their flex allowance each month to an environmental charity to reduce their own footprint.

Employees will be able to calculate their carbon footprint online by answering a series of questions such as how many cars they own and whether they have home insulation.

They will then be able to choose how much of their flex allowance they want to allocate to offset their carbon footprint. The amount will be paid to the carbon-offsetting charity, PURE, which will use it to buy and cancel carbon credits from emissions reduction projects that meet the international standards of the Koyoto protocol.

Staff will be able to opt to do this through Nationwide’s flexible benefits scheme when it opens for enrolment in October.

Rosemary Crabb, reward analyst for the building society, said: “We decided to adopt this new flexible benefit because we are committed to managing and operating in a sustainable way and we know that staff are interested in initiatives which support sustainability objectives and culture.”