McDonald’s colours fleet

McDonald’s has colour coded the cars that drivers can select online or from brochures so that each vehicle’s level of CO2 emissions is clearly highlighted.

The aim is to make it easier for staff to identify and choose vehicles that are environmentally-friendly
Cars are coded red, amber or green, with red cars releasing the highest level of grams of carbon emissions per kilometre and green emitting the lowest.

Simon Morrison, facilities manager at McDonald’s explained: “This is an education thing, it gives people an idea of what they are driving and drivers can immediately see that the cars in red will cost them more in tax.”
McDonald’s also has a long-term strategy to only offer employees cars that emit 165 grams per kilometre or less.
“Getting all cars down to 165 grams per kilometre is a long-term goal, and we will target our company car drivers [as part of] this as these are the drivers that we have direct control over,” said Morrison.