Many want 2012 pensions date sooner

More than a third (38%) of employers think the government’s plans for pensions reform should come into effect earlier than the proposed date of 2012. Yet, 40% of those questioned for Pension perceptions in Britain today by B&CE Benefit Schemes are unconvinced that auto-enrolment is the right move to make.

Over a quarter of employees who are not currently saving for retirement, however, do not know how they will support themselves in retirement, while a further 21% have yet to even think about it. John Jory, deputy chief executive of B&CE Benefit Schemes, explains: “The employer is the key to resolving this issue, especially for low-to-moderate earners, because if an employee sees a good scheme is in place he or she will have the confidence to put money into it.”

The survey also unveiled regional divides within the UK, with 52% of people living in London planning to use their own savings to live on, compared with just 18% in the North West believing they will do the same.

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