Kwik-Fit revamps perks post HCI

Kwik-Fit Financial Services is adding mobile phones, bikes for work, wine and a ticket booking service to its flexible benefits scheme to boost its appeal among younger staff. These will be rolled out to its 850 employees based near Glasgow in December. Keren Edwards, HR director, said: "Now we’re losing [the home computing initiative] that’s giving us a bit of a headache so we’re looking for something that’s a bit interesting. We’ve got quite a young workforce so we’ve picked things that will appeal to them."

It is also considering using its flex scheme to introduce new holiday entitlements to recognise long service. Currently, employees are allowed to trade up to five days of holiday. This is the most popular benefit on offer, with over 35% of staff taking it up.

"We’re thinking about doing some sort of package [so that] if you’ve got 10 years’ service and you buy five days you only pay for three, and for five years you buy five and only pay for four," Edwards added. She claimed flex is crucial to the firm’s retention strategy and was highly popular with staff according to the results of the company’s employee surveys.