Dentsply looks to roll out flex internationally

Dentsply is looking to roll out an international flexible benefits scheme in response to employee demand for greater flexibility and to attract staff in some territories. The manufacturer and supplier of products to the dental industry, will launch the first phase of the scheme to its 200 UK-based staff in April.

Sharon Douglas, human resources director, said that the company’s current benefits package was based on employees’ grades, which flex was intended to remove. "We need to provide benefits that allow flexibility. After we’ve launched in the UK, phase two will be looking at things like private medical insurance, for example, so we would be able to find one provider for the majority of the countries we operate in. If we can do that, then there’s no reason we can’t introduce flexible benefits where it is appropriate," she said. She added that an international flex scheme would help the company to recruit staff as it expanded its business into Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and the Confederation of Independent States (CIS).

It currently employs 70 staff in these areas, which it is looking to increase. "Dentsply has 8,000 employees worldwide. There are 80,000 dentists in Russia, and 20,000 in the UK as a comparison. The opportunity out there from a sales point of view is massive." A project team of seven employees will plan the implementation of the UK scheme, which is likely to include salary sacrifice benefits and will be put in place by Orbit Benefits and SBJ Benefit Consultants. The company has also planned a series of health and wellbeing initiatives for its UK employees in October including mobile health screening, and seminars on issues such as nutrition.