Cable & Wireless aligns perks post merger

Cable & Wireless has consolidated its voluntary benefits package following its merger with Energis last year. Both companies previously offered voluntary benefits schemes for staff, which were provided by Halifax Bank of Scotland (HBOS) for Cable & Wireless employees and Lloyds TSB’s Bringme for Energis. These have now been brought together under Cable & Wireless branding, and launched to staff on 1 September.

Jane Fenna, reward specialist, said: "What we are trying to do is pull all [voluntary benefits] together and [employees] will be able to access these through the one portal which is being provided by HBOS." The company has also reviewed its locally-negotiated perks. "We had loads of locally-negotiated discounts, [for example] in the local tanning salon, which are a pain to upkeep and manage. We [went] through them all to see where there were duplications or where things weren’t valid anymore," added Fenna.

The move was intended to boost its 20% take up rate for the scheme among its 5,000-strong workforce. To communicate the new plan, HBOS will hold roadshows at each of the company’s locations over the coming months.