EADS Astrium launches childcare vouchers

EADS Astrium has launched several new perks in a bid to stop other employers poaching its space scientists.

The aerospace and defence company’s new package includes a bonus scheme, home computing initiative (HCI), tax-free bicycles and childcare vouchers.

Allie Neal, project manager, said: "We are in the space industry so some of the skills of the people we employ are used in other industries in the UK. We are not fighting directly with other space companies, but we are fighting with other companies who use the same skills.

"The people we employ are transferable into other fields such as the telecommunications industry so it is important that our benefits are competitive."

The company launched a new bonus scheme in May and all 13,000 employees will receive the same annual amount.

"Where appropriate we are keen to bring ourselves in line with our parent firm, EAS, so, for example, this year we’ve tagged on to the back of their all employee bonus schemes," said Neal.

She added the HCI scheme was appropriate for a hi-tech company. "If people gain better knowledge of applications it has a direct link to our business – it will help them do the job they do for us."