EXCLUSIVE: Average gender pay gap for benefits professionals is £24,100

EXCLUSIVE: The average gender pay gap between reward and benefits professionals currently stands at £24,100, according to research by Employee Benefits.

The Salary survey 2017, which surveyed 249 HR, benefits and reward professionals in November-December 2016, also found that male respondents earn an average basic annual salary of £78,600, compared to female respondents’ average basic salary of £54,500.

In part, this may be due to the lack of male respondents in benefits or reward analyst or administrator roles, which are lower paid than manager and director roles.

As in 2014, the job with the most pronounced gender pay gap is benefits/reward director or head with a £21,700 difference between male and female respondents. This is a rise on the £17,461 difference we identified three years ago.

Benefits and reward managers have a much smaller, although not insignificant, gender pay difference of £4,000 a year.

The overall average annual basic salary for reward and benefits professionals is £62,000.

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