EXCLUSIVE: 70% of benefits professionals receive a cash bonus

EXCLUSIVE: Just under three-quarters (70%) of respondents received a cash bonus in the last 12 months, according to research by Employee Benefits.

This figure has remained relatively consistent since we first carried out this research in 2008. That year, 71% received a cash bonus, while 74% did so in 2014.

The Salary survey 2017, which surveyed 249 HR, reward and benefits professionals in December 2016, also found that where respondents receive a cash bonus, these are most commonly linked to the performance of their organisation (89%), followed by personal performance (82%), and team or departmental performance (12%).

This year, the most common total for bonuses paid was less than £500 or between £1,000-£2,499, both of which were received by 15% of respondents. These are both much lower payouts than in 2014 when the most common bonus stood between £2,501 and £5,000.

It may be that dips in the economy resulting from events such as the result of the EU referendum impacted organisations’ performance last year, therefore hitting respondents’ bonuses. For example, although 15% received a bonus of less than £500, just 3% said this was their maximum potential bonus. At the other end of the spectrum, while 14% could have earned £25,000 or more, just 7% did so.

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