85% saw pension costs rise post auto-enrolment

More than three-quarters of respondents (85%) saw some level of pension cost rise in relation to auto-enrolment, according to the Employee Benefits/Capita Pensions Research 2013.

(This does not include respondents that have not calculated costs or those that do not know).

However, the research, which was conducted among 370 HR and benefits managers, found that 28% have not yet calculated costs.

One in 10 employers that have auto-enrolled did not see a rise in their pension costs.

These figures are in line with those predicted by employers that have yet to auto-enrol staff.

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Although 21% of those still to auto-enrol have yet to calculate their predicted costs, 86% of those that have calculated expect costs to rise, with only 11% expecting no increase at all.

Proportion by which pension costs have/will increase post-auto-enrolment

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