EXCLUSIVE: 68% offer at-retirement support to help staff make informed decisions


EXCLUSIVE: More than two-thirds (68%) of employer respondents that offer at-retirement support to staff do so because they want to support staff in making informed decisions, according to research by Employee Benefits and Close Brothers.

The Employee Benefits/Close Brothers Pensions research 2016, which surveyed 250 employer respondents, also found that a further 43% do so because it is part of their culture, while 39% say it is part of their desire to position their organisation as an employer of choice.

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Supporting staff at retirement also has a number of advantages for employers. More than two-thirds (68%) say that, regardless of their reasons for offering such support, doing so positions them as a responsible employer and that they see this as part of their duty of care towards employees. More than half (57%), meanwhile, say that at-retirement support is a valuable part of their employee value proposition.

The provision of such support also has a number of other strategic advantages for organisations, including the retention of top staff, employee engagement, and succession planning.


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