Pensions research 2014: Key findings

The survey, which was carried out in September 2014 among readers of Employee Benefits and users of, received 216 responses.

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Key findings

  • 78% of respondents now offer a group personal pensins plan as their primary pension scheme 
  • 24% offer a master trust 
  • 32% of respondents contribute 6-10% of salary for the majority of staff 
  • 43% of respondents say 90% or more of their workforce are active pension scheme members 
  • 48% of respondents expect employers to want and need guidance around their pension decisions at retirement and through their careers
  • 39% believe the new pension reforms will mean that staff will be better prepared for retirement 
  • 15% of respondents have refined their pension communication strategy to incorporate at-retirement guidance ahead of the reforms 
  • 49% believe that supporting staff at retirement is a key part of their employee value propositon 
  • 55% of respondents do not offer their staff support at retirement