Steve Sims: How to gamify your workplace


An organisation gamifying their internal HR practices can have a tremendous impact on its success, morale, talent acquisition and HR processes.

In fact, adding behaviour-motivating techniques from traditional and social games to HR workflows and programmes can significantly boost employee take-up, participation and engagement, and help an organisation get the most from its HR technology investments. 

Once the employee is hired, gamification can promote a positive organisation culture, rewarding employees for cross-departmental collaboration or participating in company-wide volunteer programmes.

Gamification can also help motivate employees to complete training and other required programmes within an allotted time. This can be especially valuable for encouraging participation in programmes that do not relate directly to employees’ day-to-day jobs, such as engaging staff in pensions.

But gamifying the completion of benefits, travel and expense reporting paperwork would motivate timely and accurate submission. Employees might even compete for the title of being the best expense reporter, especially if there are tangible rewards on the line.

Organisations can also use gamification to create ongoing reward programmes or mission-based career paths that show employees what steps they must achieve to earn promotions, bonuses and other rewards.

Employers can even design a programme that allows other employees to award points and recognise fellow team members to boost camaraderie and collaboration.

This technique makes the path to success more transparent, and provides a strong incentive for employees, resulting in a more productive and goal-oriented workforce.

A growing number of organisations are finding that adding gamification to their HR, benefits and talent management programmes is a fun and entertaining way to not only boost employee morale, investment and engagement, but also improve compliance and efficiency in HR processes.

Steve Sims is vice president of solutions and design at Badgeville