EXCLUSIVE: Deloitte to discuss gender pay gap reporting at Employee Benefits Live 2017


EXCLUSIVE: Emma Codd (pictured), managing partner for talent at professional services organisation Deloitte, will discuss recommendations and practicalities around gender pay gap reporting at Employee Benefits Live 2017.

The session, titled ‘Gender pay gap reporting: getting it right’, will form part of the HR strategy conference stream on Tuesday 10 October.

During the session, Codd will describe the proactive steps that Deloitte has taken in calculating, publishing and addressing its gender pay gap. She will share recommendations and practical advice based on the organisation’s own reporting experiences, detailing considerations for employers when reporting their organisation’s own gender pay differences.

Codd will highlight the advantages of reporting an organisation’s gender pay gap early, providing insights into the practicalities surrounding Deloitte’s two previous gender pay gap reports, as well as sharing the tips learned when compiling its first formal report under gender pay gap reporting regulations this year.

She will also emphasise the importance of creating a narrative alongside an organisation’s gender pay gap report, which employers can use to clearly set out and promote the actions or measures they are planning to undertake to tackle any gender pay gaps within the business.

She said: “Any successful business is looking to achieve diversity, both from a gender perspective but also other aspects, so social mobility, ethnicity. A balanced workforce is a good workforce and from a gender perspective, the pay gap reporting is one step I believe will start driving more change.

“The fact that businesses are now required to be transparent and the fact that for [employees’] future employers and other stakeholders, including their current employers, [staff will] be able to look at what [the organisation is] doing to try and eradicate that gap. That’s a position that we’ve never been in before from a UK perspective.

“[Employers should] think carefully about when [they] publish. What’s really important is that [employers] get the narrative right and that the narrative clearly sets out the actions [the organisation is] taking, or going to take, to make sure that [it gets] rid of that gender pay gap. A key take away from my session will be when [employers] do publish, they use the narrative to set out what [they are] going to do, what [employers are already] doing and show that [employers] are actively seeking to address this.”

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Employee Benefits Live 2017 will take place on Tuesday 10 and Wednesday 11 October at Olympia National, London.

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