PR organisation advertises for employee with psychopathic traits


Something for the weekend: An attractive remuneration package is always a draw when looking for a new job, however, candidates who apply for marketing and PR organisation Radio Relation’s new business media sales executive position could be at an advantage financially if they display psychopathic tendencies.

The unique job posting lists top qualities that psychopaths display that would be transferable to the sales position, including a sense of self-worth, an ambitious attitude, and a do-whatever-it-takes mentality.

Applicants who showcase these characteristics to bag the job could reap a compensation and benefits package that includes uncapped commission, and a £5,000 bonus for breaking the organisation’s new business record within six months of starting. Base salary begins at £20,000-£30,000, although the advert states that exceptional candidates could earn an income of more then £100,000.

The job advert, listed on Guardian Jobs, reads: “We’re not looking for a psycho but for someone with some of the positive qualities that psychopaths have. One in five [chief executive officers] are psychopaths and about 25% of the highest performing sales professionals also have psychopathic tendencies.”

The advert ends with the caveat: “Criminal psychopaths need not apply.”

Here at Employee Benefits, psychotic tendencies only emerge during press week, however these can swiftly be dispelled by a coffee and cake session!