Abax introduces dedicated weekly exercise hour for UK staff


Telematics organisation Abax is allowing its 50 Peterborough-based staff to exercise for one hour a week during working hours to boost employee wellbeing.

Employees can use their exercise hour for any physical activity, including working out with a personal trainer, taking part in group exercise sessions, heading out for a run or going for a walk.

The initiative is part of the organisation’s drive to build a strong culture and increase productivity and wellbeing among staff.

The scheme, which runs throughout October 2016, is also designed to promote the themes of self-belief and motivation.

Chris Miller, UK chief executive at Abax, said: “Involving staff in group sessions such as circuit training, running or power walking helps to build team spirit within the workplace and friendships away from the office.

“Exercise makes people feel good. Why wouldn’t we want that in the office?”