54% value a good work-life balance more than pay and benefits


More than half (54%) of respondents value a good work-life balance above everything else in their jobs, including pay and benefits, according to research by Coople.

Its survey of 2,000 UK employees also found that almost a third (30%) of respondents feel work has caused them to feel stressed and unhappy.

The research also found:

  • 20% of respondents believe work has negatively affected their health.
  • 51% of respondents attribute their lack of social life to work commitments.
  • 28% of respondents work late, 18% respond to work emails out of office hours, and 10% pick up work calls outside of their working hours.

Jacques de la Bouillerie (pictured), managing director at Coople, said: “Britain’s current work model is broken and it’s unsettling to learn of its ramifications on employee health and wellbeing.

“Flexible working is the solution; small changes like allowing employees to work flexible hours where possible, can make the world of difference to employee fitness, happiness and welfare, as well as increasing productivity.”