VIDEO: Sally Purbrick: Taking tough decisions about benefits

Difficult economic times have led to tough decisions about benefits, said Sally Purbrick, head of reward at Anglian Water, in an interview with Jennifer Paterson, senior reporter at Employee Benefits magazine.

She added: “There’s one benefit in particular that we didn’t feel was getting a good [take-up], which was an online retail portal that we’ve had to stop moving forward, but we’ve been able to introduce new ones.”

These new benefits include a workplace savings scheme, which enables Anglian Water’s 4,000 staff to save up to £3,000 a year over a three-year period. More than 25% of employees have signed up for the scheme since it was launched earlier in 2013.

Purbrick added: “It is a limited cost for the company, but a potential win-win for both employees and the organisation.”

Purbrick spoke during a session on structuring an effective reward package in difficult times on 26 September at Employee Benefits Live 2013.