New financial education provider to launch

A new financial education software provider is to launch in the UK in November.

The launch of Nudge is in response to unhealthy finances and money-related stress in the workplace.

It aims to improve the lifestyle of individuals by changing their financial decisions via its online software Quantum, which has been developed to help both employers and their staff manage money better.

Nudge has been set up by Tim Perkins and Jeremy Beament, former directors at Thomson Online Benefits.

Perkins said: “Millions of employees are crying out for help to navigate the increasingly complex financial landscape. Meanwhile, the employers that we’ve spoken to recognise their increasing responsibility to help their staff and are desperate for external support.”

Beament added: “For too long, financial education has been generic and one dimensional, and, in many cases, a masquerade for the distribution of financial products.

“The launch of our software, Quantum, brings an opportunity for an independent and personalised employee experience alongside a tangible return on investment for employers.”