Desk lunches are good for you

Something for the weekend…

Who knew that sitting at a desk for the whole day, even through lunch breaks, could actually be good for you?

A new survey has found that enforcing lunch breaks for employees may actually cause them to be more tired than allowing them to work during lunch hours.

Earlier this year, health minister Anna Soubry said eating a sandwich at a desk was a disgusting habit.

But, weirdly, it has its perks.

Researchers at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management surveyed administrative employees about their lunch breaks over a 10-day period and asked them to report how tired they were at the end of the day.

The study found that relaxing activities during lunch, freely chosen by workers, led to the least amount of reported fatigue at the end of the day, while those who socialised during lunch had higher levels of fatigue.

I know when I worked in retail and was on my feet all day, those breaks were certainly needed.

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But these days at 1pm, I would actually prefer to sit at my desk and check my social networks, like the rest of the UK.

Disgusting? I think not.