Cycling to work motivates employees

Employees who cycle to work are more likely to arrive motivated and happy compared to other commuters, according to research by cycling insurer Cycleguard.

The research, which surveyed 500 cyclists and 500 non-cyclists, found that a quarter (25%) of employees who cycle to work arrive feeling motivated and 18% arrive feeling happy.

In comparison, nearly a third (29%) of non-cyclists arrive at work feeling tired, while 22% arrive feeling unmotivated.

More than half (56%) of non-cyclists said they feel frazzled when they return home from work, while less than a quarter (23%) of cyclists said they feel tired when they get home.

The research also found that, in the UK, the West Midlands has the highest proportion of cycling commuters (69%). This is followed by the North West (56%) and Yorkshire and Humber (55%).

More than half of respondents in the East Midlands (58%) and Scotland (56%) felt the roads are unsafe for cyclists, which accounts for the two regions having the lowest number of commuting cyclists in the UK (38% and 30%, respectively).

Adrian Scott, head of Cycleguard, said: “Our research suggests cycling is also making people feel better about themselves and improving their mood at work.

“Employers should take note and consider how they can encourage more of their staff to cycle to work, due to the impact it could have on their productivity in the long run.”