Danone sees 82% engagement with car salary sacrifice

EXCLUSIVE: Danone has reported a 82% engagement rate on emails communicating its new salary sacrifice car scheme, which was introduced in September.

The organisation also saw 140 active users in the system and more than 50 quotes had been saved in the two weeks following the scheme’s launch.


The new scheme aims to support attraction and retention at the firm and ensure that its employee benefits package remains competitive.

This is the first time that the organisation has offered cars via a salary sacrifice arrangement. The new scheme will sit alongside Danone’s existing company car plan.

The new initiative is available to all 1,300 UK employees, including the firm’s 350 dedicated car drivers, providing them with access to an efficient car for their personal use.

In addition to emails, Danone is using a range of communication methods to highlight the new scheme to staff, including posters, desk drops, television screens and its intranet site.

The employer also ran car days at two of its sites, together with provider Leaseplan, to showcase the cars available and answer any questions staff had about the scheme.

John Mayor, head of UK rewards at Danone, said: “We cordoned off part of the car park and had a range of [cars] that would be available through the scheme on display.

“LeasePlan and ourselves went through the scheme with those who were interested, and then explained in full detail what it meant.”