77% unsure how to address male mental health

More than three-quarters (77%) of respondents are unsure how to address male mental health in the workplace, according to research by health and wellbeing consultancy Health Assured.


Its survey of 944 managers and employees also found 79% of manager respondents have seen an increase the number of male employees citing anxiety and stress as reasons for absence.

More than two-thirds (68%) of male employee respondents say they have been reduced to tears as a result of feeling stressed or anxious at work. Just under three-quarters (71%) also regret not coming forward sooner about their mental health.

David Price (pictured), managing director of Health Assured, said: “Management should ensure that they create an open workplace culture when it comes to employee mental health to encourage members of staff to come forward and speak with them openly about any issues they are having both inside and outside of work that may affect their productivity during working hours.

“If employees feel uncomfortable talking with their management about health issues, the [organisation] should provide access to a telephone advice service for all employees to seek confidential and professional guidance on any issues they are facing including mental health concerns. In this situation where employees are feeling overwhelmed by things around them, providing them with some solace by reassuring them that help is at hand and they are not alone can make all the difference.

“Implementing workplace policies that are inclusive of employee mental health is vital to improving employee happiness and wellbeing. Understanding that men are just as vulnerable as women to stress, anxiety and other forms of poor mental health is the first step to fighting this battle, but encouraging men to share their problems, specifically in the workplace, will help fortify the future of mental health awareness.