Debi O’Donovan: You can’t bottle time

Time is the most precious commodity we have. We can waste it, kill it, save it, spend it and lose it. And if we try hard, we can make it.


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Making time during busy working days can be tricky, as so many tasks (and emails) pile up demanding our attention. But without time set aside to think creatively, to step back and consider strategy, to stop and do things differently, we get bogged down. We are often too busy to improve ourselves, our jobs, our departments or our businesses.

In our article, Time-saving tips for benefits managers, we explore how benefits managers can save time in their working day. Suppliers are only too keen to step in to help (of course) and when they have greater expertise, it can help to make better use of precious time and money.

Time is also one of the most valuable benefits we can offer staff. Allowing employees to leave work early or come in late after a busy period costs nothing, but shows appreciation. Buying extra holiday days is always popular. Flexible working and staggered hours, used with thought, can make all sides happier.

This isn’t a benefit that is easy to quantify and too much red tape and rigidity can stifle it. But with good line management and trust on all sides, it has worth beyond all other reward. See more ideas in our flexible working article, How flexible working can boost staff wellbeing.

Of course, something I hope all readers will do when they manage to free up some time is to enter the annual Employee Benefits Awards. Our call for entries launches in October and you can start thinking about which categories to enter.

Over the years, we have watched winners and finalists get a real career boost or broader recognition, either within their organisations or by being headhunted to new pastures. So whether you enter for yourself, your team or your organisation, it is a great opportunity to step back and see how well you have done.

Now that is something worth spending time on.

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