Wells Fargo employee demands pay rise via email

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It is no secret that many employees have been left disgruntled by continuing low, or no, pay increases.

In recent years, many have turned to strike action to make their views known. However, one employee at Wells Fargo in Portland, Oregon, tried a different, more unusual, approach.

Tyrel Oates, who works in the bank’s collections department, spent two weeks gathering more than 200,000 email addresses of fellow employees. 

He then copied them in a message asking his employer for a pay rise to help address income inequality in the US.

In the email, he stated that he wanted to take a fraction of what the organisation makes in profit and raise all employees’ annual salaries by $10,000 (£6,255).

He also had a message for his fellow colleagues: “It is time that we demand to be rightfully compensated for the hard work that we accomplish, and for the great part we all have played in the success of this company.”

Whether or not his actions will work in the long term remains to be seen, but for now Oates remains on the Wells Fargo payroll, and it seems his existing salary has not budged.