Belgian police performance dips in pensions protest


Something for the weekend…

Police officers in Belgium may appear to be a little laid back at present as they protest over pensions.

Staff performance has dipped with police officers waiving traffic fines for people driving over the speed limit, forgetting to buckle seat belts or parking illegally.

It seems they are turning a blind eye as a way of protesting against new pension reforms.

The officers are up in arms over the incoming government’s plans to raise their pension retirement age to 62 from 58 as part of efforts to cut the federal budget.

But Vincent Houssin, depurty chairman of the 18,000-member VSOA police union, said: “Clearly this wouldn’t cover major offences, such as reckless or drunken driving.”

As their actions hit the federal bottom line, motorists that would otherwise have received a penalty will no doubt support the officers’ cause.