Peter O’Hara: Workplace giving via flexible benefits

We really enjoyed the Flexible benefits supplement in September.

We work with many employers and flexible benefits suppliers to provide workplace-giving schemes via flex portals, and many employers also enhance their employees’ donations made via the scheme.

We completely agree that it is vital to communicate all benefits and also to perhaps consider being far more flexible with window opening and opening the portal at least once a quarter.

Some employers see a drop-off in new joiners when they switch their workplace-giving scheme from being a standalone benefit to incorporate it in to a flex package. This is a real concern to us because charities are struggling in the current economic climate and it is even more vital to make charitable giving as simple and as tax-efficient as possible.

We understand that engagement is the key to a successful benefits scheme and, like many, can say that one-to-one consultations and assistance is really the best way to do this when promoting workplace giving.

Peter O’Hara is managing director at Workplace Giving UK