Nottingham City Council staff value travel savings

For the 10,500 or so employees at Nottingham City Council, staff discounts are the most prominent and popular part of the authority’s Works Perks benefits scheme over the festive period.

These include pre-Christmas shopping discounts available at most high-street stores, locally and nationally, and a wide array of online discounts, plus post-Christmas savings in the January sales and on summer holiday bookings.

The savings that employees can make on travel bookings, often running into hundreds of pounds, can make a difference between planning a holiday in the UK or overseas.

Reward and retention consultant Tara Bath says: “Savvy employees can increase their spending power, in some cases by double or even treble, by taking advantage of in-store offers and combining these with store loyalty cards and the substantial discounts available through the Works Perks discount scheme.”

The council’s Holidayplus scheme for buying additional leave also has an application window during the pre-Christmas period, enabling employees to start thinking about their holiday plans for the following year.

“Consolidating the employee benefits provision through a single provider, on a single web platform and all under the Works Perks internal brand, is a major benefit in itself, making it much easier to raise awareness and drive usage and take-up of the scheme,” Bath adds.