Debi O’Donovan: Relaunched website lets you dig deeper

Breaking news, compliance changes, product launches and new research will appear first on our new website

For well over a decade, Employee Benefits has appeared as both a print and a web-based publication. Initially, the monthly print magazine led the game, with the website acting as a resource library.

In September 2012, we relaunched our website. This has enabled us to switch to publishing many articles, such as breaking news and compliance information, online first (where they may only ever appear, and never make it to the print editon). However, all articles from the magazine will continue be published online as well.

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A huge advantage of the web is the interactivity you can have with your audience. I would like to see become far more a website of the benefits community than one simply run by us (our resources permitting, of course). It already hosts plenty of commentary and insights from experts, practitioners, lawyers and tax advisers, and we pleased to have the ever-popular Duncan Brown on board as a regular monthly columnist for us.

It is now also much easier to comment on articles on our website, although we do need to moderate these, so bear with us if your comment takes a while to go live. You would not believe some of the odd characters who try to sell their (non-benefits) wares via our comment boxes.

Our new-style website will allow you to dig deeper than ever, by benefits topic and/or industry sector. We have a vast library of case studies and research that will be easier to plunder.

We will unveil phase two of the website in early 2013 as our suppliers come on board to share more of their expertise via the new

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Debi O’Donovan, Editor

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