Technology firm staff walk 28,000 miles

Employees at Critical Software Technologies walked 27,956 miles as part of a 16-week global workplace health challenge.

Seven teams from the software organisation took part in the Global Corporate Challenge (GCC) along with 185,000 other employees worldwide.

Each employee wore a pedometer to record their daily steps, which were then logged on the GCC website. The goal was to walk 10,000 steps per day. The average for the technology firm’s employees was 12,877.

Brian Luff, chairman at Critical Software Technologies, said: “We encouraged employees to get out of their chairs as much as possible throughout the work day, to engage with office colleagues face-to-face instead of over email and telephone, to take the stairs wherever they could, and leave their desks and walk during lunch breaks.

“Small actions like these really helped our employees achieve, and in many cases exceed, their 10,000 step goal for the day and to create lifestyle habits that will stick for the long term.”

The organisation also sponsored 49 local primary schools to take part in a junior version of the GCC scheme.