HeiaHeia launches workplace exercise product

HeiaHeia has launched an online product, which employers can offer to staff to promote exercise and healthy activities.

The online product, which was first introduced in Finland, has been used in Scandanavia by employers, such as Ericsson, PepsiCo and GE Healthcare Finland. It has now been rolled out in the UK.

Employers can offer the service to staff as part of a wider health and wellbeing package. Employees can choose from 400 different types of activities, which they can log on their personal training plan, track their progress and cheer their colleagues on.

It can also be used to set a joint target for the entire organisation to work towards, which could include a specific amount of exercise each month, or could be used to create a competition among colleagues.

Jussi Raisanen, chief executive officer and co-founder at HeiaHeia, said: “Health and fitness is a major part of our lives and it seems only natural that this should be endorsed by organisations across the UK.”