Healthy plans for Laing & Buisson staff

EXCLUSIVE: Laing and Buisson, which provides data on private hospitals, care homes, nurseries and health insurances, has launched two plans to keep its employees healthy.

The first is a healthy snack programme which gives the organisation’s 20 staff with access to a daily bowl of free fruit in a new chill-out room.

The second is a Pollyanna/andy scheme. For this plan, named for the fictional character Pollyanna, each staff member selects a colleague’s name out of a hat and becomes a secret Pollyanna or Pollyandy for that colleague, giving them something nice such as a friendly card in the internal post or a small present.

The Pollys will be revealed to staff at the annual Christmas party at the end of the year, where prizes will be handed out.

Peta Barrett, office manager at Laing and Buisson, said: “While we are a small firm we are spread out over three floors so, over the course of the day, don’t always see each other.

“The Pollys scheme probably unnerved everyone at first, but it’s proved to be a really a fun way of being in touch with colleagues we might not necessarily see from day to day, unless we meet in the chill-out room for free fruit.”