Cigna UKHB launches EAP

Cigna UKHB has launched an employee assistance programme (EAP) to complement its occupational health, medical and dental plans.

The EAP provides support for line managers and employees through:

  • An in-house team of telephone counsellors and case managers that deliver a range of support and advisory services.
  • A 24/7 access via free phone, SMS text mesages and confidential email service.
  • A dedicated line manager support service, called ManagerAssist, to offer advice and support on any managerial issues or challenges.

The EAP is delivered in partnership with Workplace Options.

Kirsty Jagielko, head of product management at Cigna UK HB, said: “We understand the challenges employers and their line managers face in managing employee health and productivity. 

“By adding an EAP to our suite of products, we can help employers by giving employees access to around the clock, free and confidential assistance.”